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I understand the need to look good and sound good at the same time.  My custom isolation booths are designed and built with form, function and aesthetics in mind.  Each sound booth is custom built,  not a kit or pre-manufactured, to ensure each unit is catered to your needs.

E. Paik Custom drum enclosure at Bethel Church.

E. Paik Custom Shop badge.

Custom built drum enclosure.

Custom built drum enclosure.

inside the box

Inside the drum enclosure

view from the box

View from inside the drum enclosure

Guitar amp isolation box.

Guitar cab isolation box.

Guitar cab isolation box.

E. Paik Custom Signature Drum enclosures

E. Paik Custom Signature Drum Enclosures are my own design and are built 100% from scratch on site.  Full framed construction with soundproof insulation and durable polycarbonate glass. The crystal clear front curved polycarbonate glass fixture gives the drummer a full view without any joints or seams in the way.This is a permanent enclosure which is not meant to be disassembled and transported.

Custom built amp or cab isolation box

Other custom builds available upon request!

Sound Proof: Welcome

Custom built modular sound booth for a press conference with the South Korean President.

Washington, D.C.

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