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Piano Moving Resource

Moving is stressful.  When it comes to moving your prized instrument or priceless family heirloom it is always important to have a specialized piano mover handle the move.  We have heard horror stories and have repaired plenty of pianos damaged from companies claiming they are able to move pianos.  The rule of thumb in knowing a company specializes in moving pianos is if they have the word "Piano" in their business name.  


Though we do not provide piano moving services in house, here are some piano moving companies we trust and recommend to our clients.  We hope this resource is helpful to you!

Piano Local LLC

Virginia based


Empire Piano Movers

Piano moving preparation - Grand Pianos  $150

Preparation is not needed for upright pianos, this service is for grand pianos only. 

On grand pianos the action assembly should get "locked" before it is moved to prevent damage and loss of regulation within the action.  Since grand pianos get tipped over on its side during the moving process, gravity no longer keeps the keys, hammers and action components in place and in sync.  I will completely remove the action assembly to lock the entire action from the inside.  This will prevent the hammers from flopping around and the keys will not be able to dislodge from the rail pins during the move.  I will also remove any pencils, paperclips and debris that is usually discovered inside so none of it will jam up the action assembly during the move.

The "unlock" procedure will be free of charge if a tuning is scheduled post move

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